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Long-Term Care Insurance

Qualified employees, their eligible dependents (spouse and children ages 18 through 25), retirees, parents and parents-in-law are eligible to apply for enrollment in long-term care coverage through MedAmerica.

The insurance covers certain services required by individuals who are no longer able to care for themselves without the assistance of others. Natural aging, a serious illness or an accident may bring on this need.

Services covered include:

There are a number of fixed features in the plan:

The plan is guaranteed renewable, which means it can never be canceled as long as you pay your premium. The coverage is portable, so you may continue to pay premiums directly to the insurance company under the same terms and conditions as active employees if you leave employment. The plan includes a waiver of premium so that if you qualify for benefits and satisfy the 90-day period, you can stop payment of premium and the coverage will remain in effect.

State and higher education employees and retirees are eligible to apply for optional long-term care coverage at any time. This coverage is also available to local education and local government employees (if offered by your agency). Local education and local government retirees are also eligible for coverage if receiving a benefit from TCRS or an optional retirement plan.