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The Partnership Promise

Simple Steps to Save Money

The goal of the Partnership Promise is to help you get and stay healthy. Why is this important? Poor health costs all of us.

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The good news:

Members and enrolled spouses who are in a plan with the Partnership Promise are rewarded with lower costs when they agree to complete simple steps for better health. These steps are called the Partnership Promise.

2016 Partnership Promise Requirements

You and your covered spouse* agree to:


Complete the online Healthways Well-Being Assessment™ (WBA) by March 15, 2016


Complete a biometric health screening by July 15, 2016


Actively participate in coaching if you are called

  • Coaching could include a tobacco cessation program and/or case management, which is managed by BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna and Magellan.

Keep your contact information current with your employer; or, if a covered spouse, keep your contact information current with Healthways, if it changes.

View a flier outlining the Partnership Promise requirements for 2016 »

Partnership Promise Status Update

When you choose the Partnership PPO or the Wellness HealthSavings CDHP you agree to complete the Partnership Promise and take steps for better health. The Partnership Promise is an annual commitment, but you are not required to sign a new promise each year.

If you and/or your covered spouse fail to fulfill any requirement of the 2016 Partnership Promise, the entire family will be transferred from the Partnership PPO to the Standard PPO or from the Wellness HealthSavings CDHP to the HealthSavings CDHP.

*Enrolled employees and covered spouses (if applicable) are required to complete the requirements. Children enrolled in a health plan are not required to participate.

Note: The benefits of the Partnership Promise are open to all plan members. If you think you might be unable to fulfill the Partnership Promise, call our ParTNers for Health Wellness Program at 888.741.3390, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central. They will work with you and/or your physician, if you wish, to find an alternate way for you to meet the Promise.

The state group insurance program determines the Partnership Promise requirements. Healthways administers the Partnership Promise. Requirements may change each year.

Partnership Promise benefits, such as telephonic coaching and online access to the wellness site, are open to all plan members including Standard PPO, Limited PPO and HealthSavings CDHP members.

Want to Learn More?

To answer questions you may have about the Partnership Promise requirements see our Q&A.

2016 New Employees and Newly Covered Members

To fulfill the Partnership Promise, new employees and newly covered members (and covered spouses if applicable) who enroll in the Partnership PPO or Wellness HealthSavings CDHP must complete the following steps within 120 days of the first day their health insurance coverage begins:

Coverage effective dates and deadlines are below:

New Hire/Newly Covered Member Coverage Effective Date New Hire/Newly Covered Member 120-Day Deadline for WBA and Biometric Screening in 2016

January 1

April 29

February 1

May 30

March 1

June 28

April 1

July 29

May 1

August 28

June 1

September 28

July 1

October 28

August 1

November 28

If your insurance coverage begins between September 1, 2016, and December 31, 2016, you will not have to complete the 2016 Partnership Promise requirement for new members.

Click here to print a handout to help you keep track of your requirements and when you must complete them.

IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE: The state group insurance program is prohibited from giving your protected health information to your employer or any person or entity not authorized by law. Personal health information is protected under federal and state law and is released to state group insurance program business partners in order to assist members with managing their health care needs, health plan operations and as authorized by law. As required by federal law, the state group insurance program has agreements with our business partners that protect personal health information. More details about the privacy of protected health information under federal law are available at www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/.