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Biometric Health Screening

2017 New Hires and/or Newly Covered Members enrolled in the Partnership Promise PPO or Promise HealthSavings CDHP*: You must complete your biometric screening within 120 days of the first day of your health insurance coverage. Click here to print a handout to help you keep track of your requirements and when you must complete them.

The screening includes height, weight, blood pressure and waist circumference. A sample of your blood is also collected to determine blood sugar, cholesterol levels and other factors that can lead to lifestyle-related health complications. The biometric screening is different from the Well-Being Assessment (WBA).

How can I complete a biometric screening?

Visit the Onsite Health Diagnostics (OHD) website where you can download your Physician Screening Form (PSF) to take to your doctor. Or you can go to the QuickLinks box on the ParTNers for Health homepage and click on “Complete Your Biometric Screening.” This will take you directly to the OHD website.

Physician Screening Form:

*Note: If your coverage effective date is September 1 - December 1, you will not have to complete the New Hire/Newly Covered Member requirements.